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Giving Students International Work Experience & A Competitive Edge In The Job Market!

Career Advancement & Placement (CAP) USA is an internship placement and training program based in the United States. We work with major American companies, non-profit organizations, U.S. government agencies, and professional associations to place international students in internships across the U.S. U.S. internships can lead to careers in the U.S. or with U.S. companies abroad, improved English skills, stronger university applications, and valuable work skills for the international job market. The CAP USA internship placement program includes a career skills training and orientation program that prepares students for work in a U.S. business environment.


Once passing the training and evaluation program, CAP USA will place students for a one-month unpaid internship in the U.S. that matches their chosen career track. Students will be placed in a major U.S. company, government agency, non-profit organization or professional association.


After registration students will attend an eight-day training and evaluation program in their home country. This program will teach students the skills they need to excel in a U.S. work environment. During the program, American instructors will screen each student’s work skills, English proficiency, and develop a profile used to match them with an appropriate internship in their career track. Students who need extra help will be referred to additional training classes or an intensive English class. They will go through the evaluation program during the next internship round at no additional cost.


CAP USA will sponsor all students and provide application assistance for J-1 visas that are valid through the internship period and for an additional 30 days of independent travel within the U.S.


Unlike other countries, certain locations in the U.S. are difficult to access without a personal car. CAP USA will see that all students will have transportation (public or carpool) to and from their internships. Students will be housed in a dormitory setting or as part of a home-stay program. It is our preference to house students with home-stay participants who work at the same company the student interns with.

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