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When we take a group of executives out of corporate surroundings, we help them experience and identify with the successes, failures, and critical moments of historical figures at key junctions of American history. That connection is a powerful tool for demonstrating how such lessons can have a dramatic impact on their own lives and relationships at work. It becomes a significant emotional event which cannot be duplicated in a classroom and that drives the desire for change that can be paired with practical application and effective training skills.

Elevate USA can customize lessons, team building exercises, and strategic planning sessions around dozens of historical locations and events. Learning objectives are open-ended and can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Popular topics include leadership, teamwork, effective communication, conflict and stress management, and change management.
Imagine walking across the battlefield at Gettysburg with your executives … hearing the words of Abraham Lincoln … standing on the rocks of Little Round Top … and learning how the leaders of the day came to critical decisions. Imagine the walls of Fort McHenry, where the Star Spangled Banner was written, and learning the lessons of persistence that won the day. Picture your team walking along the Freedom Trail in Boston, standing on the Green at Lexington, or the North Bridge in Concord, and hearing how timely communications and decisive action won victory. Historical venues offer valuable and diverse teachable moments that apply today. Elevate USA couples history with interactive exercises, practical lessons, and guest speakers. Whether you want to have a strategic planning retreat, a team-building session, or training on a specific management or communications module, Elevate will plan an historical training event for your team.
Select from one of the many locations and events below, or propose an entirely unique setting customized to your needs.

Founding Fathers

  • George Washington - Mount Vernon (Washington D.C.)
  • John Adams - Quincy, MA (Boston, MA)
  • Thomas Jefferson - Monticello (Charlottesville, VA)
    • James Monroe
    • James Madison
  • Benjamin Franklin - Philadelphia, PA

Revolutionary War

  • Boston - Freedom Trail to Lexington, Concord
    • Boston Common
    • Old North Church
    • Paul Revere
    • Roger Dawes
  • Valley Forge, PA
    • Washington and the Conway Cabal
    • Nathaniel Greene
    • Lafayette
    • Baron von Stueben
    • Shad in the Skuykill
    • Battle of Monfort Courthouse
  • Saratoga, NY
    • Burgonye, Gates & Benedict Arnold
  • Yorktown, VA & Williamsburg, VA
    • Cornwallis, Lafayette, Washington
  • Guilford Courthouse - Greensboro, NC

War of 1812

  • Battle of New Orleans - Chalmette, LA (New Orleans)
    • Andrew Jackson & LaFitte
  • Fort Niagara & Winfield Scott - Buffalo, NY (Niagara Falls)
  • Baltimore - Francis Scott Keyes & National Anthem


  • Pierre Marquette, Louis Joliet & Great Lakes (Chicago)
    • Chicago History Museum
  • Lewis & Clark - Yellowstone & the Columbia River
    • Jackson Hole, WY & Portland, OR
  • Zebulon Pike & John Fremont the "Pathfinder"
    • Rocky Mountains & Sierra Nevada
    • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Gold Rush
    • Blackstone, Central City, & Cripple Creek, CO
    • Sutter's Mill, CA
  • Oil Discovery
    • Titusville, PA
    • Spindletop - Beaumont, TX

American Civil War

  • Fort Sumter - Charleston, SC
  • Fredericksburg, VA
  • Appomattox Courthouse, VA
  • Gettysburg, PA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Atlanta, GA
    • Kennesaw Battlefield
    • Cyclorama
    • Stone Mountain

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