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Combining practical knowledge, gamification, and entertainment, Elevate USA trainers convey complex ideas in an engaging, fun, and beneficial way that captures the attention of participants. Trainers are vetted to ensure adherence to the tenets of our signature style. Elevate USA trainers never lecture. Every one of our seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions are amusing, relatable, and informative.

Meet Our Team
Elevate USA Inc.
Core Training Roster

Carl Flowers
Lead Trainer
Take A Hint From History

Robin White
Trainer & Executive Coach
What's Your Emotional Intelligence?

Kyle McCloud
Your Story - Fact Or Fiction?

Delvon Survine
Delving Into Communication

Dr. Angela Massey
Everybody, Remain Calm!

Yvonne Alverio
Exploring Conflict Resolution

Carol Ann Sasso
Speed Reading: Readers Are Leaders, And Leaders Are Readers!

Deborah Wilson
Understanding Communication Styles