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Crafting an effective leadership strategy is challenging and dependent on interlocking learning modules that build upon individual, group, and organizational goals. Elevate USA has developed hands-on leadership programs that include real life practices, exercises, and “next steps” solutions to propel training participants on a path of continued momentum to become better leaders.


L.I.F.E. teaches interactive leadership lessons through the exercise of starting and growing a department, unit, or business through its embryonic stages, development, growth, and success. Workshop participants work in teams competing against each other through planned exercises that use the dynamics of leadership, teamwork, communication, finances, time management, and business skills. A minimum of 15 people is required.

  • Need minimum of 15 people
  • Divided into teams of 5-8
  • Each team is given the task of building a department, unit, or business
Through planned exercises and challenges, each team will compete against the other to complete the challenges. L.I.F.E. engages participants emotionally and intellectually so they want to learn, enables them to learn faster and retain more information, accommodates different interests and learning styles, equips participants with relevant knowledge, and develops problem-solving skills that are applicable in any situation. With the L.I.F.E. program, students will experience simulated success and failure to prepare them for the real world.


If your workforce lacks fulfillment and self esteem, their motivation to excel suffers. This program will give your staff the tools to manage changes in their lives and approach work with a more positive, empowering attitude. We shape work into a positive force in the lives of your staff. This is not an EAP program – it is a program about a total attitude shift. The program includes: One two-hour seminar per month (6 seminars total) and two group of individual coaching sessions per month (12 hours of coaching total).

At this seminar, employees will learn:
  • To limit negative outside effects that impact their work
  • To analyze their situation
  • Exercises to assist with priorities
  • That attitude is 80% of success
  • How to break through to reach their goals
  • To say "no" to negativity
  • The "I can"/"I can't" exercise
  • How to put anger to work for them
  • To assert themselves
  • To laugh at work
  • Stress control techniques
The six month program includes: One two hour seminar per month - 6 seminars over 6 months Two coaching sessions per month (individual or group) - 12 hours of coaching over 6 months Each coaching session will contain accountability exercises designed to build self-esteem, help your staff deal with change, set and follow through on goals, cope with negativity and stress, and learn to keep a strong sense of humor.


An interactive leadership program based on real world lessons taken from great moments in history. This program can be replicated all over the United States, based on any historical event or figure. Elevate USA recently conducted a Leadership In Living History event based on the Battle of Gettysburg. The event included three days of tours, history lessons, banquets, and interactive leadership lessons based on the decisions and personalities that shaped the battle.

Additional Leadership in Living History programs include:

  • The Alamo
  • Fort Sumter
  • Valley Forge
  • Available upon request


This three-day intensive leadership bootcamp features lessons from a real drill sergeant as your staff lives together, bonds together, and learns to work together by marching in cadence, solving real world problems, learning to live healthy, and lead under difficult conditions. These leadership lessons are team-focused and encourage leaders from your staff to develop their own self image, even as they rely on the needs of their teammates and coworkers.


76% of learners apply 50% or less of what they learn. But if training is supplemented with coaching the lessons applied rose to 88%. This six month program features a number of steps to ensure your staff applies the broad range of skills learned in a series of 1/2 day workshops. Training is followed up with intensive coaching programs that encourage participants to stick to their goals and meet them. This progress is recorded in the Passport To Success: a document that chronicles their evolving skills and proficiency as learners.

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