Organizational DEI Consultancy and Development Program

Organizational DEI Consultancy and Development Program
Duration: 1
Method of Delivery: Remote/Virtual, On-site
Categories: Power Skills, Management Skills
, Diversity & Inclusion
, Leadership Skills


The main challenge with any large diverse workforce, agency, or organization that deals with the public good is cultivating a genuine culture of respect among its internal and external stakeholders based on a single unifying DEIA framework. Creating this culture requires an understanding of bias, diversity, and equality and the subtle ways they must be addressed to ensure a fair administration of access and justice, build impactful agency results, and generate meaningful positive change. Anti-racism is not just a conceptual value; it is a concrete goal that will only be achieved when operationalized via practical strategies. Using a five-phase work plan, Elevate will work with an appointed DEI advisory council to develop an all-encompassing strategic framework that encourages change within your organization’s current DEI practices.

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