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Why Elevate?

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Elevate makes employees better. We are a WBENC-certified woman-owned business that believes in continuous learning through one’s life and career. A more engaged workforce means stronger results for your organization. And stronger leaders create better employees.

Subject matter expertise

Draw from the expert knowledge of 80+ SMEs based around the world — from businesspeople, mental health therapists, IT pros, veterans, entrepreneurs, and more.

A tailored experience

We don’t just train and forget. Elevate offers a suite of solutions customized to meet your organization’s needs based on organizational assessments and collaboration.

What's hot in Q2 2024

Return to the office remains the most important trend for employers in early 2024. With that comes employee motivation and engagement, the best strategies to promote loyal staff from within, and innovation to retain your organization’s competitive edge.

Early 2024’s most popular topics

Motivation & Engagement

Navigating the New Normal: Returning Teams to the Office

Creativity & Innovation Improv

Transitioning from Staff to Supervisor

Look for our offerings in the Couranto catalogue under the vendor name Elevate.

We beat internal training options

We have experience with a wide swathe of private sector (union and at-will employment), non-profits, and government agencies. Our expertise is broad and deep allowing us to bring an outsiders perspective.

Moreover, we’re practical. Our results show it.

Who we work with

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Trending topics spotlight

Want your employees to become more self-reliant, productive, and capable? Challenge them with tasks that involve their skill sets and reward them with accomplishment. Tap into intrinsic drivers, set meaningful goals, and cultivate an environment of sustained fulfillment.
  • Learn how attitude and actions can determine the level of engagement
  • Define the motivation for individuals and teams
  • Sustain an energetic level driving others forward
  • Know your vision and share your vision
  • Delegate responsibility but be accountable
  • Establish trust and align others to reach a common goal
  • Drive towards excellence in yourself and others

Incentivize your staff and management to bring their best ideas back into the office with adaptive strategies that support employee transitions. By understanding current workplace trends, employers can better motivate a return to the office and use feedback to seamlessly transform remote work / hybrid teams into in-office powerhouses of innovation.

  • Analyze current workforce trends of remote / hybrid work
  • Employ leadership communication strategies
  • Design flexible work policies
  • Motivate and incentivize teams
  • Support employee transition
  • Implement and adapt return to office strategies

Use creativity and improvisation to move forward. Stop talking about innovation and start adding value. By learning to look at things through the eyes of an innovator, your employees will discover how to create something new and different to tackle challenges — from the everyday to the company-defining.

  • Understand innovation and why it’s needed
  • Determine your thinking style
  • Analyze the barriers to innovative thinking and learn techniques to overcome them
  • Understand how your approach to thinking can influence your ability to generate innovative ideas
  • Master the seven essential I-Skills
  • Unleash the “mindset, skill-set, and tool-set” of the innovator
  • Develop your own personal innovation strategy

When assuming a new role how do you best assume authority while maintaining relationships with your former colleagues? Learn to become a confident leader on day one with skills to manage new staff, ease conflict, delegate, problem solve, ease into managerial duties, and more.

  • Manage new responsibilities as a manager
  • Learn strategies to handle conflict
  • Manage your staff that used to be your colleagues
  • Delegate responsibly
  • Motivate employees
  • Learn to coach and give constructive feedback to employees

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