Star Babatoon

Star Babatoon
Trainer Specialties
Communication Skills, Conflict & Stress Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Skills
Trainer Background

Star is a dynamic trainer, award-winning speaker, and accomplished attorney specializing in HR and legal issues. Her unique background begins with over a decade of performance on stage, on television, and on the big screen, followed by another decade as an employment litigation attorney and diversity counselor. Star has worked as a Top 5 Trainer for some of the largest training companies in the world and has shared a stage with the world-renowned motivational icon Les Brown, where she also created programs, coached new speakers, and facilitated training as a Program Manager for his speaker training program. At Elevate, Star specializes in Anti-Harassment/Discrimination, FMLA, Diversity, Empowerment, Communication, Leadership, and Overcoming Adversity training. Her inspiring disposition and personal engagement make her connect to participants in a way that engenders a lasting effect. She brings a deep technical and legal knowledge to our HR, supervisory, and community service clients. A prolific writer, Star is the author of “I Hate Muscular Dystrophy: Loving A Child With A Life-Altering Disease” — an honest, sometimes raw story of creating new possibilities for herself and her family in the face of unexpected challenges — as well as many articles appearing in the EPS Newsletter. She was also the Managing Editor of the Entertainment Law Journal at UCLA. Driven by a motivation to truly help others exceed the expectations that have been placed on them and that they set for themselves, Star’s asset as a trainer and coach go beyond her practical knowledge and extend to the personal.

Star Babatoon in Action

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