Speak with Clarity & Confidence

Speak with Clarity & Confidence
Duration: 1
Method of Delivery: Remote/Virtual, On-site
Categories: Management Skills
, Presentation Skills


Do you get nervous when presenting at company meetings? Do you find it hard to make conversation at gatherings and social events? Do you lock up in awkward social situations? If so, Elevate’s Speak with Clarity & Confidence workshop is just for you! It is aimed at anybody who wants to improve their speaking skills in informal situations. We will give you the confidence and the skills to interact with others, to speak in informal situations, and to present in front of small groups.

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Leadership Through Living History

Leadership Through Living History is a multi-day interactive leadership retreat based on real-world situations taken from great moments in history. Learn practical lessons for success based on historical events, figures, and decisions that shaped our past and present. Thrill your leadership team with a once-in-a-lifetime retreat to one of the great historic locations of the world.


This full-service program can be tailored to go anywhere and includes:

  • Off-site tours: Battlefields, ruins, architectural marvels, natural wonders, and more…
  • Keynote speeches: Industry experts, historians, and living history actors.
  • Transportation and accommodation: We arrange meals, banquets, travel, local transportation, lodging, and documents.
  • Interactive lessons: Our SMEs engage participants at every step of the journey. We ensure every milestone is an opportunity to learn by interacting with the past and each other.



By putting themselves in the position of important figures at pivotal moments of history, your leadership team can begin to imagine the immense ramifications of their decisions. This helps them reflect on their own virtues and vices as leaders in the shadow of famous personalities at their most critical moments. In doing so they will become more grounded, engaged, and creative in their thinking. Most importantly, the experience will be fun and memorable!

Navigating the New Normal: Returning Teams to the Office

In the wake of significant shifts in work environments due to recent global events, leaders are now faced with the challenge of navigating the transition of their teams back to the office. This course offers a comprehensive approach to understanding the complexities of this transition. Participants will engage in a series of modules that cover the landscape of current work trends, effective leadership and communication strategies, the creation of flexible work environments, motivational techniques, support mechanisms for employees, and the implementation of these strategies with continuous feedback loops. Through a combination of case studies, role-playing, and group discussions, leaders will be equipped with the tools and insights needed to facilitate a smooth and thoughtful return to the office, prioritizing both organizational objectives and employee well-being.

Writing at the Executive Level

Organizations greatly benefit from having a professional cadre who can produce clear, well-organized, grammatically correct documents of the work they perform. Today’s professionals are expected to communicate effectively, and writing plays a vital role in how one’s work is presented to colleagues, subordinates, and the community as a whole. This course is designed to teach participants how the tools needed to complement their reader’s level of understanding, methods of getting past writer’s block, critical thinking skills to write effective documents, and much more.

Presence with a Purpose

Successful leaders can connect authentically, build confidence in others, and inspire and motivate people into action. Leaders with purpose stay focused and committed to leading through the myriad of everyday organizational challenges. This workshop will help leaders become more confident, composed, and credible, able to connect authentically with the thought and feelings of their team to motivate and inspire them toward a desired outcome.

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